Tensor Technologies Corporation
Room temp to 800C Thermal Stage
for Bomem DA3 and DA8

*Functions for both reflection and transmission measurements to 800 C.
*Can be configured for two or three sample positions, which are adjusted by a full two inch vertical micrometer.
*All feed throughs are vacuum tight to allow evacuation of system.
*Both sample height and oven height are independently adjustable from the outside.
*Sample mount provides angular adjustment about the horizontal and vertical axes
separately for each sample.
*Power connections and thermal connection are detachable allowing easy relocation of assembly to bench for sample installation. 
*Light weight aluminum body for ease of placement.
*Complete with sample mounts with the following apertures: 0.060" = 1.52 mm, 0.080" = 2.03 mm, 0.106" = 2.69 mm, 0.200" = 5.08 mm, 0.300" = 7.62 mm

*Fully customer servicable and includes extra replacement type K thermocouples.

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Tensor Technologies Corporation
4811 Indian Ln.
College Park, MD 20740

phone - (301) 325-5353


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